Gals Scholarship Foundation logoThe GALS Scholarship Foundation is a National Charitable Foundation. Established in 2013, the purpose of the Foundation is to positively impact the lives of women who are active in golf, by providing scholarship opportunities to applicants seeking education to improve their life skills. Educational scholarships can be awarded to female applicants of all ages, socio-economic and racial backgrounds who can demonstrate their participation in golf activities.*

Standard scholarships will be issued in amounts of up to $2500 annually, depending on the type of education the applicant chooses:

  • up to $1000 - specialty training (i.e. technical college, trade school, professional license, etc.)
  • up to $2000 - community college
  • up to $2500 - four year college or university

Candidates will be selected on the basis of excellence in character, academic achievement, financial need, and involvement in the sport of golf.

Candidates must apply (or reapply) each year they are continuing their education. Scholarship winners will be announced at the annual Gals on and off the Green Charity Golf Outing (early October.)

* Skill level in the sport of golf is not a criterion.

Applicants who complete and submit a GALS Scholarship application form (pdf) must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be female.
  • Must be a US citizen.
  • Must meet entrance requirements of, and plan to enroll in an approved educational institution in the calendar year of the application. (Example: applicants attending classes in the fall of 2016 are eligible to submit their application January 1, 2016.)
    • Note: If applicant is a high school senior, she is eligible to apply in the spring of her senior year.
  • Must indicate financial need by providing one of the following:
    • Federal Student Aid Report or Student Financial Aid Report to be filed with the US Department of Education between January 1st and March 1st.
    • US Personal Income Tax returns filed by April 15th.
  • Must be able to demonstrate their involvement in golf.
  • Must complete the application, including cover letter no later than August 1.

All information in the application is strictly confidential between the applicant and the GALS Scholarship Foundation. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Thank you for your interest in the GALS Scholarship.



Jackie Sorrenti, President and Secretary

JJ Sorrenti, Vice President and Treasurer

Bernadette Grace

Linda Pollock

Marie Navikas

Janet McCray

Karen McCrea

Scholarship Winners

2018 Winners


Dickenson College

"After years of hard work, I was recruited to play at Dickinson College to play Division III golf for their Women's Golf Team. As a freshman, I played as their top female golfer. Outside of the classroom I have interned at several financial institutions, solidifying my enthusiasm and drive to pursue a degree in Economics."


Radford University

"I am proud to be part of the golf community and I want to share my passion with others! Combine the experiences that golf has given me with my studies at Radford, and I know I have the confidence for success as I major in Media Studies, concentrating in Journalism. My ultimate goal is to broadcast for The Golf Channel."


Georgia Tech

"What golf has taught me about perseverance and overcoming obstacles- Golf is a constant learning experiences and you struggle facing al the experiences on the course. My future career is visual effects, and that is a really tough industry to get into! Golf is going to help me persevere and achieve my goals."


Fairmont State University

"Golf has played an important role in my life. I have been playing golf since I was 4 starting out and last year I was the Mountain East Freshman of the year. I am majoring in secondary education in hopes of becoming a History teacher."


Clemson University

"Golf has impacted my life so much! It has taught me great leadership skills, and I have made so many wonderful friendships that last to this today. I know that most of all I am going to be able to use golf out in the business field and in my career, perhaps golfing with a client. I know it's a sport I am going to play the rest of my life. My goal is to obtain a degree in Finance/Accounting."

2017 Winners


Towson University Towson, MD

"I embrace Maya Angelou's motto 'When you learn, teach; when you get, give.' Golf is my passion. I have been playing since I was 5 years old and I have been a leader and a role model in the sport of golf. I played all four years in high school, was captain two years and broke barriers on one of my high school teams as the only girl and only African American. I am determined to reach my goals and become a journalist, reporter and photographer."


High Point University High Point, NC

"An important personal lesson golf taught me was how to become less critical of myself. When I began playing competitive golf, I would get frustrated, upset, lose focus and internalize a lot of emotions when I saw how advanced other players were... . I learned to understand my unnecessary need for perfection and began appreciating my natural ability and began striving for continuous improvement... . My studies will focus on sports broadcasting, and I want to be the next face of the Golf Channel."


Snead State Community College Boaz, AL

"...Making the decision to transfer from one college to another after the first semester of my freshman year was one of the most difficult decisions I have made... . I have shown myself the person that I have grown into - that I can adjust to any environment with little support from family or peers... .Being on a college golf team takes a toll on you mentally and physically. It was important for each of us to support and help each other in any way we could. Golf is like life in so many ways - and the persistence I use in golf is the same persistence I use in my daily life."


Penn State University State College, PA

"I began as a high school golfer on the boys team - and that presented obvious challenges - from being accepted to competing against players who did not want to compete against a girl... . In a short time, my male peers began to support, defend and even encourage me... . In high school I helped establish our first women's golf team and we were successful in competition... . I know in college I will be faced with many challenges, and I also know the lessons I have learned from golf will be the foundation in which I will rely...whether it is the LPGA or running a Junior Golf Clinic, I want to pass along the lessons golf has taught me to others."


East Carolina University Greenville, NC

"Over the years I have learned that golf is a sport where you must be mentally strong. In one tournament I took a ten on a hole, and I was highly upset! However, I did not let it get to me mentally. I pushed forward and made four pars after that poor score on one hole... . Volunteering to help those in need helped me gain an understanding of how to approach patients and work with children. When I graduate with my BSN, I would like to get started right away to help sick people and others in need."


Dickinson College Carlisle, PA

"...By my senior year I was named Co-Ed captain of the varsity golf team (and there were never more than three girls on that team.) I will use this award to further my education and grow as a person both in the classroom and on the golf course. College is more than just four years of sitting in a classroom, but more so about how you use your newfound knowledge to change the world."

2016 Winners


Calvin College Grand Rapids, MI

"Although I was allowed to try out for a boys' golf team, there was no guarantee I would be good enough to play. As a girl, I had to step out of my comfort zone in order to play the game I love...I accomplished many things by learning from and persevering through bad shots, hard rounds and frustrating practices. As I look to my future career, I aspire to become an editor for a trade publishing company."


Smith College Boston, MA

"Golf might have started off by teaching me how to achieve a certain score and sports (wo)-manship, but is has since taught me so much more. Golf has instilled in me the tenacity to accomplish everything - from what is needed to excel in the classroom, to learning how to overcome and grow through the most difficult points in my life. I am currently planning to complete my Master's degree in neuroscience, followed by an MD/PhD program to pursue a career in medical research."


The College of Saint Rose Albany, NY

"…I would not be the person I am today, had it not been for golf. Overcoming being bullied and switching schools made me a stronger person… at 13 I became a caddy… at 14 I was playing on the boys' golf team… at 15 I competed in my first national competition with The First Tee… Now I am starting the next chapter of my life playing Division II Women's golf and studying Business Administration."


Howard University Albany, NY

"Through golf I learned patience and perseverance. It taught me to push through a couple of holes and make it through a round, learning that it is always about the next hole and improving after every one of them. And then I applied that to life. That even if I don't do well on one assignment, I can do well on the next. Because of golf, I began to think about the end game – and not dwell on the negatives. I want to become a chemical engineer with a focus on fuel optimization – I want to change the world with something I create."


Savannah College of Art and Design Savannah, GA

"As a competitive female golfer, I have an opportunity to mentor other youth in the community by teaching them the fundamentals and etiquette of golf. My motto is to promote the game of golf to every girl I meet! Upon graduation I plan to start an animation career producing movies and creating characters to entertain and inspire children to play golf and learn life skills."

2015 Winners


Penn State University

"Being a caddy has not only taught me a lot about golf, but also about being a professional and networking. I obtained insight into the professional world which channels me into future endeavors. I have become more confident, independent and have learned to make choices that are best for me."


University of Colorado

"Something I really like about golf is that it's a game very different from other sports because as an individual, you play against yourself as well as the others who are competing. This is the aspect that I find significnanct because you discover a lot about yourself."


Savannah College of Art and Design

"As a competitive female golfer, I have an opportunity to mentor other youth in the community by teaching them the fundamentals and etiquette of golf. My motto is to promote the game of golf to every girl I meet!"

Mallorey (2014 & 2015)

College of Wooster

"Through participation in golf programs, I have achieved confidence and courage to try new things, learning life and leaderships skills to help me obtain my goals. I love animals and all my life I wanted to be a vet. Before golf I gave up working towards that because I thought it would be too hard. I am now working towards a degree in biology. I hope I will become a vet or zoologist or zookeeper one day. I am going to continue to work hard towards my future."

2014 Winners


Univeristy of MD - Eastern Shore

"Golf has made a positive impact on my life because it has helped me be more diverse, especially since most of my friends and family do not play. I have made a lot of connections with different people that can help me build strong relationships that will help progress my future."


Smith College

"My time coaching in golf has helped me to realize how much I love working with children coupled with my volunteering in the community has led to the realization that I am passionate about helping others. This awareness, combined with the love of science, has inspired me to become an intended neuroscience major, with the career aspiration of becoming a pediatric neurologist."


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